Bash and the Pirate Pig


Cranky city kid Raymond “Beamer” Boxby can’t imagine what good could come from cousin Bash Hinglehobb’s so-called country fun that includes riding cows to the dairy drive-through, rafting on a pond with a pig, becoming uncles to a calf, and smuggling a skunk into Sunday school.

But Bash’s zany exploits—often involving his Farmin’ and Fishin’ Book (The Bible)—are about to spin toward a weird and wonderful adventure of new life—if the fish that catches the boys doesn’t drown them.

To order, contact author Burton Cole at or 11403 Parkman Road, Garrettsville, OH 44231. Shipping is $4.00. Bundle all three books for $30 plus $8 shipping. Includes personalized autograph and trading cards.