ConnectionaL Team

Connectional Chairman

Rev. Blake Jones

Rev. Blake Jones is the General Connectional Chairman of the Bible Methodist Connection of Churches. He graduated from Jordan College with a BA and has pastored 47 years for churches in Michigan and Canada. He served as Vice President for 13 years, and as Great Lakes Conference President for 23 of those years. Rev. Jones is married to Saundy for 47 years, and they have five married children and 16 Grandchildren. He is presently pastoring at the Rock Lake Bible Methodist Church.

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Vice chairman

Rev. Jack Hooker

Rev. Jack Hooker is the General Connectional Vice-Chairman of the Bible Methodist Connection of Churches. He is a graduate of God’s Bible School and College and was ordained in 1977. He has served as pastor for 36 years in Indiana, Florida, Alabama, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio. For seven years he served as Vice-President for Advancement at God’s Bible School and College. He presently serves GBSC as a member of the Board of Trustees and has held that office for 13 years. He has served the Alabama and Heartland Conferences in various capacities. Presently, he is the Conference Secretary and member of the Executive Committee of the Heartland Conference. He and his wife Jane have two married daughters and four grandchildren.

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Rev. Bob Blankenship

Rev. Bob Blankenship graduated with a Bachelor’s in Religious Education from God’s Bible School and College (Cincinnati) and a Master of Ministry from Moody Bible Institute (Chicago).

He has been in pastoral ministry for over 35 years. He and his wife, Karen, presently pastor in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area. They are proud parents of two adult children, Andrew (married to Angie) and Alissa.

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Mrs Chelle Durr

Mrs  Chelle Durr has been employed for the past 22 years as a bookkeeper for Advantage Solutions and is currently working for CBH in their accounting department.

She is a member at Bristolwood Bible Methodist Church in Walker, Michigan, where her husband, James, has pastored for 20+ years. She has served as a pastor’s wife alongside James for 30 years in various churches in South Dakota and Michigan. They have 3 married children, Brittany and Jeffrey McDowell( from PA), Christianna and Mike Kelly( from AK), and Chip and Joy Durr( from MI) and four grandchildren. She currently serves as Mission’s Treasurer for the Great Lakes Conference and on the Connectional Mission Committee representing the Great Lakes Conference.

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Missions Director

Dr. R.G. Hutchison

R. G. Hutchison has entered the role of Director for Bible Methodist Missions having served as a missionary and field director in the Philippines from 2010-2022. During that time, he was involved in training Filipino pastors and leaders as a professor and academic dean at the Philippine Bible Methodist Shepherds College. Previous to that, he served as a pastor for more than twelve years, ministering to congregations in Ohio (1 year) and Tennessee (11 years). He is married to Sarah, his life partner of almost 25 years. An alumnus of God’s Bible School and College (1998), R.G. also holds a Doctor of Ministry degree in preaching and leadership from Asbury Theological Seminary (2018), as well as graduate degrees from Temple Baptist Seminary (M.Div., 2009) and Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary (M.S.T. Intercultural Studies, 2015). He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in intercultural studies with Biola University. He has authored a book, Union with Christ. R.G.’s passion is to help people live in the full confidence that it is “no longer I, but Christ living in me” (Gal. 2:20).  

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Connectional Committee

Front Row, Left-to-Right: Chelle Durr, Dr. R.G. Hutchison, Dr. Michael Avery, Blake Jones, Bob Blankenship, Jack Hooker
Middle Row, Left-to-Right: Richard Miles, James Shiery, Chris Hilling, Dr. David Boardman, John Parker, Bob Picket, Michael Covington, Clair Sams
Back Row, Left-to-Right: Deron Fourman, David Ward, Chris Cravens, Wayne Fleming, Dewey Murra, David Armstrong


Regional Conference Presidents


Left to Right: Southern – John Parker, Southwest – G. Clair Sams, Heartland – Chris Cravens, Great Lakes – David Ward