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Brennan and Ivon Muir

Home PO Box E Port Clinton, Ohio 43452


Photo of Brennan and Ivon Muir

Brennan and Ivon Muir have been serving as disciple-makers in the southern Mexico village of San Gabriel (state of Oaxaca) since 2013. In their partnering role with the Mexico Bible Methodist Church, Brennan currently serves as Assistant National Youth Pastor and Ivon teaches children and youth. Brennan is the son of a pastor and grew up in a nurturing, Christ-centered home.

Ivon is the daughter of hard-working, Mexican immigrants who came to the United States when Ivon was just a toddler. After Ivon, her mother and siblings came to Christ through the relentless love of Frankfort (Indiana) Bible Holiness Church, their home also became a home filled with love and prayer.

Brennan and Ivon graduated from God’s Bible School & College, where they won the respect of all who knew them for their sincere dedication to Christ. Soon after they were married in 2011 God called them to be missionaries in Mexico, and He has blessed them with two little boys – Brennan and Jared.

The Muirs are examples to us of spiritual surrender.  We have watched them exchange the securities and comforts of “home” to face many challenges and tests in an area where no missionary has lived before. They have done this with a beautiful, selfless and teachable spirit, and with the energy and determination which promises an enduring, fruitful ministry.

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PO Box E Port Clinton, Ohio 43452