Resource for Teens: PowerLine

Powerline, a Christian call-in program, was started in July 2009 by Ezra Byer to target those (specifically juniors and seniors in high school) who were distant from Christian circles and could use the benefit of being connected to other Christian teens and Christian mentors. PowerLine was started “to be a source of strength and power to teenagers in all places and help equip them with the tools that they need to be adequately prepared for Spiritual Warfare.”

Since that starting point we have been able to connect with teens from Ontario, New Hampshire, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Alaska as well as numerous other places.

Why should I connect with PowerLine?

Because PowerLine has YOU in mind! It is PowerLine’s prayer that this ministry will be a way for you, a teenager or young adult, to learn and grow deeper in your walk with God.

And don’t forget to check out PowerLine’s blog! You can access lots more information, past calls, podcasts… too much to post all of it here. Go there already! =)

From the Youth President

What a joy it is to be a Christian young person! Many people act like the devil is in charge of all the teenagers in the world. Satan would have you believe that just so you would give up. Do NOT listen to him! He is a liar and will always be. There are many, many young people who are making commitments to Christ and are making a difference in their world. Keep your chin up!!! God has a great plan for Godly teenagers.

Youth President 

  • Rev. Jon Earls
    • 285 Hillstone Dr.
    • Pell City, AL 35125
    • Cell: (205) 703-6729
    • Email:

Youth Board 

  • Rev. Marcus Evans – Vice President
  • Rev. Byrone Haynie – Secretary
  • Jordon Messner – Treasurer
    • 1810 Young St.
    • Cincinnati, OH 45202
  • Matthew Nation
  • James Marchant 
  • Jimbo Evans

Advisory Committee

  • Jeff Messner
  • Leonard Collins
  • Rev. Doug Eads
  • Rev. Mark Potter




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