Union with Christ


In Christ. As a Christian you have heard these words a thousand times. But what does it actually mean to you? What are the implications of God eternally joining Himself with His own creation through the incarnation? What does it mean to consider one’s self crucified and risen with Christ? Are these just inspirational slogans for those who follow the Christian “brand” of religion? Or do these words speak of an actual realm of existence in which you can live a different kind of life?

Unfortunately, even many sincere Christians do not fully grasp the possibility of experiencing life “in Christ” as a conscious, lived reality. That is why I have written this book. I want to provoke you to think more deeply about the significance of living daily in union with Jesus Christ in His incarnation, death, resurrection, ascension, return, and coming kingdom. And as you learn to go deeper into your union with Christ, you will also see how this leads to a more fruitful life and deeper rest of soul.

Hard Copy: https://feaministries.org/union/