Holiness G. Clair Sams The Biblical motifs that emphasis holiness are designed by the Lord to show the breadth and depth of His desire to engage in the spiritual transformation of those who respond to the Gospel.   If you will, the message of redemption brings much more than simple forgiveness or heaven.   Those blessing are included, certainly!  But it is the purpose of the Lord God to forgive, cleanse and infill a people among whom He can live and through whom He can minister.   Because of that desire, reflecting His holiness is paramount.   Understanding the different ways the Biblical writers highlight the message of holiness and its impact on the lives of each person, brings balance to ones life and thinking.   Getting a grasp of the breadth of the message of holiness should bring depth and balance to the church as well.    It is very important that the Holiness Church preach and live the balance of the whole message of holiness.  Please take a moment and glance at several of the Bible descriptions of holiness.   Think about how the Biblical narrative translates the message and experience of entire sanctification.  A few of the motifs the Scripture emphasis are:
  1. Holiness Biblically and experientially means a separation. 
  2. Holiness Biblically and experientially has included a spiritual cleansing.
  3. Holiness Biblically and experientially has been referenced as a spiritual death. 
  4. Holiness Biblically and experientially has included a spiritual filling.
  5. Holiness Biblically and experientially has been emphasized as a baptism.
  6. Holiness Biblically and experientially has been seen as an empowering.
  7. Holiness Biblically and experientially has been emphasized as perfect love. 
When any one of these motifs are emphasized to the exclusion of others there is trouble.  The importance of wrapping ones theology and experience around the whole of Scripture is perhaps no more clearly seen than in the emphasis on holiness.    The father away from the balance of Biblical instruction a person or organization goes the deeper the misuse of the message.   The deeper the misuse of the message the greater the damage emotionally, spiritually and eternally to those who embrace the imbalance.    No doctrine has more beauty and reality though than the message of holiness.   That beauty is seen when a person begins to capture the richness of the whole message of entire sanctification.  Embracing the Holiness of the Lord and allowing His righteousness to indwell and enable life is at the heart of Christianity.   In the fullness of the Spirit’s presence  is a deepening sense of Divine righteousness.    The whole and balanced message of entire sanctification leads to a rewarding relationship with the Lord Jesus, and sweet infilling of the Holy Spirit.    The resultant relationship with others is also deepened by holiness.  When ones life embraces the Biblical message of God’s infilling it deeply influences interaction with others.   Where the Holy Spirit, in His fulness resides  grace, mercy and righteousness will be evident. It is my desire that you experience, live, teach and preach this great message of Scriptural Holiness.