The following is an interview with Sis. Mary Madelyn (Dot) Brown, charter member and adult Sunday school teacher in the Pell City, AL Bible Methodist Church. – Editor, The Bible Methodist (TBM)

TBM: Has Pell City, Alabama been your home?
MMB: Early in life I lived in Coal Valley, AL but we moved to Pell City, AL area where I grew up.

TBM: Please tell us about your family.
MMB: I was married to William (Bill) Brown in 1950. We had two children, Janeen, who is a nurse and lives in Pell City and a son Leslie a policeman, now retired as a FBI agent. Leslie worked for Montgomery Police department, the District attorney’s office and the FBI. Janeen has worked in nursing across the years.

TBM: When did you get saved?
MMB: I was saved at 24 years of age under the ministry of Brother and Sister J.A. Treese. It was actually through attending Bible study lead by Sister Treese that I came to know Christ and began attending church That was in the Wesleyan Methodist Church. When the Bible Methodist began in 1965, I was part of that change.

TMB: How has the Lord used you in the church?
MMB: I have served in almost every office of the local church from song leader to Sunday school teacher.

TMB: What has been your occupation beside being a wife and mother?
MMB: I taught in a Christian School for several years. I had always wanted to be a nurse so at 45 years of age I applied for college and graduated with a degree in nursing. It is interesting that I graduated the same year my daughter Janeen graduated from nursing school. The years working as a nurse were in the public health system. At Michael Avery’s request I also worked at God’s Bible School and College as school nurse and dean of women.

TBM: What is your greatest joy in life?
MMB: My greatest joy in life has been leading a weekly Bible study through which several young couples have found Christ including Kenny Rich. In fact most of the young couples in the church are the fruit of those years of Bible study.

It is obvious Dot loves the Scripture and does an excellent job teaching the adult class at the Bible Methodist church in Pell City. Editor’s note.

TBM: What is your greatest regret?
MMB: If I have any regret it is that I didn’t get saved earlier in life.

TBM: What would you like to say to the Bible Methodist Family?
MMB: A Christian must keep focused on the Lord. You can get into a form if you are not alert. Several times in my life the Lord has had to remind me about my focus. Keep your focus on God’s grace and presence. We must feel His presence from time to time. Living in Christ is the only way to live. Living in His presence is the exclusive way to life.

TBM: What is your philosophy for life?
MMB: Not to question why, but to trust in God to teach what I need in my life.