Resources Available to Pastors and Churches


Nathan Brown
“Creating a culture of disciple makers”

The mission of COMEAFTERME.COM is to assist the church in carrying out Christ’s command to go and make disciples. The lessons in the Following Christ booklet are designed to take believers from baptism to the early stages of growth and maturity in Christ. Each lesson is part of a larger theme and can be taught in the given order or in a different order depending on the needs of your disciples. The lessons can also be used in a variety of settings, from personal study to new convert discipleship.

The website also has many other resources that can be used to supplement your teaching ministry, including a Bible reading and prayer plan, various articles, lessons and videos of Israel.

Online Material:

Jason Weed
Ever wonder what makes a great website experience? Why do some websites frustrate you and others are a pleasure to use?

Since 1998 Jason R. Weed has been shaping better website experiences for non-profits, churches and schools. He offers the following services: branding your organization, creating a content strategy for your business, organizing the website for your users and of course hosting and maintaining your website.

He also has special pricing for Christian schools as well as Bible Methodist churches.

Many of the projects he has worked on can be seen on LinkedIn ( or on his portfolio at

For a formal proposal or if you are just looking for advice you can email him directly at

Maria Stetler
MediaSense Solutions
You need an online presence for your church and or ministry. But where do you begin? MediaSense Solutions would love to provide a free consultation to your church. We can lead you through concept, setup and maintenance of a website and other media presence.

Phone 513-535-4639
Website at

Jon Earls
Classic Holiness Sermons:
Jon grew up hearing the names of some of the great preachers that were instrumental the founding and the leadership of the conservative holiness movement. He heard the names of men like S.D. Herron, J. Wesley Adcock, Lawerence B. Hicks and others. However, he never had the privilege of hearing these men in person. Jon began collecting tapes of their sermons and while listening, soon became convinced their sermons needed to live on but the tape recordings of their were quickly disappearing. It troubled him that when he looked up the word “holiness” online, he was directed to materials from many other groups, but finding material from a conservative holiness perspective was much more difficult.

Out of this, and a desire to see the message of full salvation proclaimed, the website was born. The “official” purpose of this site is the proclamation of the message of Full Salvation from sin, by the preservation and publication of great sermons from conservative holiness preachers of the past and present.

Since the site was launched it has had hundreds of thousands of page views and Jon has had several people contact him and testify to having either gotten back to the Lord or having been entirely sanctified as a result of listening to the sermons on the site – to God be the glory!

It is an entirely free website without any advertising. Presently the site has approximately 150 sermons. Jon’s vision and hope is to see the site eventually have hundreds more Biblical sermons on holiness for people to listen to free of charge. Due to personal time constraints, he is not able to convert and upload sermons as often as he would like, but he would love to have others join him on this mission. He can make it possible for them to upload the sermons from wherever they are.


Darrell Stetler II
SermonSubscribe is a preaching ministry that fills the pulpit for holiness churches without a pastor.  Darrell Stetler II preaches live in Oklahoma City, edits the video, and adds in any Powerpoint or graphics.  The subscribing churches receive the video before Sunday, along with fill-in-the-blank handouts.  The ministry started with planting Servant’s Heart Chapel in Clovis, NM, and has served 5 churches in 5 different states.

“It’s a joy to serve these churches, some of whom are struggling to find a pastor,” Darrell says. “Often, the lay leaders are stressed and scrambling to figure out how to fill the pulpit.  I’m glad SermonSubscribe can help lift that load and feed those sheep.”

Melissa Avery, from Carey Street Fellowship in Zanesville, OH, agrees.  “I firmly believe that God led our church to SermonSubscribe. With God’s help, Pastor Darrell has helped us to grow spiritually and has encouraged us to persevere during this challenging time in our church.”

While there are a number of churches providing live streaming options these days, SermonSubscribe is different in several ways.  Sermons are sent in advance, so worship planning is easy.  Handouts are included whenever Darrell uses one in preaching.  Sermons are high quality video, instead of the lower quality of streaming.  Additionally, if there’s no internet in your church, sermons can be downloaded on a laptop at home, then showed in the service.  If the internet goes down on Sunday morning, no problem — there’s still a sermon available!

For more info, including pricing, videos and frequently asked questions, visit
On the official Bible Methodist website you may find a long list of resources to help you and your church fulfill it purpose for ministry. You will find the list of Core Values and each of the Regional Conferences with lists of their leadership and the churches that minister under their leadership. You can read about Bible Methodist Missions, Director Tim Keep and each missionary.

Under the “Shop” section you can find and order books that have been written on a variety of subjects. For instance, you can find Dr. Garen Wolf’s books on music, Valorie Quesenberry’s books addressing women’s subjects, pastor’s books on ministry and Shepherd’s Global Class Room material. You may also find discipleship material prepared by Nathan Brown.

The full Bible Methodist Discipline is available on line. You may also find all the forms a local church or regional conference needs for the year. Pastors may locate and print rituals for communion, baptism, baby dedication and marriage.



Dr. Michael Avery –

The Call

Dr Avery is co-author of The Call: Essays to the Conservative Holiness Movement. This book seeks to address issues tied directly to the prosperity and perhaps even the survival of the Conservative Holiness Movement (CHM) in the United States. It was written as both explanation and commentary to A Call to the Conservative Holiness Movement issued by the Ministerial Education faculty of God’s Bible School and College. The essays are offered humbly and prayerfully in earnest hope that they will encourage serious dialogue, as well as renewed commitment to the great foundational principles of the origin of the CHM.

You may access this book through GBS website or via

E.R. Trouten

What Meaneth These Stones:

The Story of the Wesleyan Connection of Churches  (July 1966 – July 1969)  is the  short story of the beginning of the Bible Methodists (called The Wesleyan Connection of Churches for the first three years). It is a real living, first person account of the birth of the Bible Methodist Connection of Churches. You will meet the people involved; you will feel the tensions in an almost day by day drama.

Price $7.50

You may access the book on

Valorie Quesenberry

Valorie Quesenberry has a passion for communicating truth and a specific calling to speak to Christian women. Her nonfiction books range from daily devotionals to Bible studies to treatments of topics like gender and beauty.

Titles available include:

It’s Still a Good Idea: Why Femininity in Dress Makes Sense  (available from the author)
It Isn’t Random: Why Gender Matters  (available from the author)
Does God Want Me to Be Beautiful? and Other Questions to Ask about Adornment (available from the author)
Reflecting Beauty: Embracing the Creator’s Design (available on
Redeeming Romance: Delighting in God’s Love (available on
Simply Content: Finding Freedom in a Culture of Excess (available on
Everyday Moments with God (available on
His Praise is On My Lips (available on
Today God Wants You to Know You’re Beautiful (available on

For more information, you may contact Valorie at

Mark Coy 

The Homemade Christmas Tree

A true story about Mark, his father and their family celebrating a very special Christmas. At eleven Mark was invited to help is Father locate and prepare the tree that symbolized a unique but loving celebration around the birth of Christ. To order the book please contact Mark Coy.

Price $10.00 paper back
$15.00 hard back

Phone 765 664 9912

Dr. James Keaton

ABC for Pastors

This book is highly recommended for any preacher. Dr. James Keaton gives some very pertinent pointers especially for pastors.  It reveals much about the author’s philosophy of and passion for the ministry and is written to encourage and assist the reader’s efforts in the noble cause of Christian ministry.

Preacher! Pastor! Evangelist! Conference President! General Conference President! International Mission Organization Director! Seminar Leader! College President! College Teacher! — these are just some of the hats that Dr. James Keaton has worn.

Reading through ABC’s For Pastors, I saw more than simple instruction to pastors. I saw a man’s heart that lives and breathes ministry. I am constantly amazed at the insight and wisdom he demonstrates as we face issues in ministering together. I heartily recommend ABC’s For Pastors. Do not be fooled by the simple title. It is a mine of practical and spiritual gems. –E. R. Trouten

Price $10.00

Available from Country Pines

Jon Earls 

Sermons on THE Sermon:
Sermons on THE Sermon is the result of the sermon series Pastor Earls preached at his church. Initially, this book was only intended for his congregation. Several people in his congregation had told him they would like to read his manuscripts. As a result he decided to put them in book form after he had finished preaching the series. While this was his original intent, after pressure from his wife, and church family, he decided to publish it for others to read as well.

Price $18.00

Available from

Larry Smith

The Call, and When Steeples are Falling

The road to tomorrow runs through yesterday. This quotation underscores Larry Smith’s love of history, which absorbed him even in childhood and certainly as a youngster in high school and college. History is utterly fascinating, because it is the continuing narrative of men and women reacting to each other, to civil authority and to divine purpose. But even more significantly, next to the Bible, history is the best teacher we have; instructing us in what we ought to do and in what we ought not to do. Our future will inevitably be determined by how we react to the lessons of our past.

To Christians, church history is particularly important since its broad panorama displays the triumphs and defeats of the Church Militant, warns of the latter and encourages with the former, and assures of the destiny of the Church Militant. As a child in his father’s study, Larry pored through the pages of Steven’s classic, History of Methodism and the Holy Spirit used its stirring accounts to create in his heart an intense longing for the spiritual earnestness and authenticity of his own Christian heritage. Larry says, “I wish I had displayed this purpose more effectively, but it has shaped my life and ministry I believe that in great measure our tomorrow will be decided by our treatment of yesterday.”

During Larry’s tenure at GBS (1995–2015) he authored and co authored the following books: When Steeples Are Falling, a collection of essay-editorials. Available on Amazon

A Century on the Mount of Blessings, a history of GBS. Available on through GBS
God’s Clock Keeps Perfect Time, a pictorial history of GBS, with Kevin Moser
The Call, a critique of the holiness movement, with Michael Avery.–Larry D. Smith. Available through GBS

You may access Larry Smith’s material through the GBS website or on

Burt Cole:

Riding cows to the dairy drive-through window? Rescuing snow accident victims with a sled pulled by a pet riding pig? Chickens dripping in strawberry-rhubarb pie flapping amok in a fire station? Yep, sure thing, and duck! That’s just the tip of the haystack of trouble in a side-splitting series of kids’ novels full of faith, fun, and farm pranks from Pulitzer nominee and award-winning humor columnist Burton W. Cole.

Written for middle grade readers who love to laugh, these chapter books also are devoured by adults, have been used in family devotions and are worked into home-school curriculums for reluctant readers.

Author Burton W. Cole, a member of the West Mecca (Ohio) Bible Methodist Church, (formerly the Warren Bible Methodist Church), also visits classrooms, libraries, services and conferences to hold creative writing seminars for students and adults, delivers keynote speeches based on his weekly humor column, Burt’s Eye View, and gives inspirational talks on the topic “If God Gives the Dream, Don’t Fear to Follow It.”

Read reviews and buy books on or other online booksellers, or ask for them at any bookstore. For personalized autographed copies with bonus trading cards, contact Burt at or at 11403 Parkman Road, Garrettsville, OH 44231.

His books:
Bash and the Pirate Pig (Hardcover) – $12.00
Bash and the Chicken Coop Caper (Hardcover) – $12.00
Bash and Chocolate Milk Cows (softcover) for $8,

If you order from Burt add $4 per book for sales tax and postage. You may bundle all three books for $30 plus $8 for tax and postage.

Facebook: Burton W. Cole page on Facebook
Phone: 330 980 6161

 Dr. David Bubb

Dr. David Bubb is a seasoned pastor with almost 40 years of pastoral ministry experience. He also served 4 years as the Ministerial Department Chair of Hobe Sound Bible College. He has a heart for reaching our generation through outreach and a renewal of clear biblical preaching. He has authored two books:

“Reaching Them” is a small practical book on how to invite people to Sunday School and Church. The cost is $3.00 plus postage.

“Living Life At A Perfect Ten” is a book that shares how the Ten Commandments are relevant to our generation and how to live them in the 21st century. The cost of the book is $5.00 plus postage.

These books are available by emailing

Becky Keep

Becky Keep is a freelance author and speaker. She has been married to her husband, Tim, for 29 years and is the mother of five children and “Nana” to two little girls.  Becky and her family spent thirteen fruitful years as missionaries in the Philippine Islands.

Becky has authored two books.

“Eyes To See” chronicles the loss of a little boy’s sight in one of the most powerful human interest stories I have read in years. Like thread pulled by a needle, you will quickly be drawn into the traumatic events that plunged a young missionary couple into deep uncertainty and their youngest son, Jesse, into total darkness. As physical sight is lost, spiritual insight is gained–insight so profound that your eyes will be opened to see how God can redeem the most agonizing experiences for our good and His glory!”  Dr. Michael Avery

“It’s all about Obedience” describes the amazing journey of faith and obedience that Tim and Becky traveled as God prepared them and later took them as missionaries from America to the Philippines. It is a brutally frank, part-testimony, part – confession, part- exhortation… As a person who has traveled a similar road for the past 28 years in Nigeria, I commend this book to all who want to know what missionary life is really like and to be challenged by it.”   Dr. Danny McCain – Missionary Statesman Founder & International Ambassador of Global Scholars

Becky’s books may be obtained through or on

Pulpit Ministry:

Dr. Michael Avery:


“Deeper Life Ministries” exist to deepen the spiritual life of Christians everywhere by encouraging and enabling the development of personal holiness ( Christlikeness).  It seeks to hold Deeper Life Conferences in a variety of settings globally. The goals of the ministry are to promote personal holiness through evangelism, revivals, conventions, Bible conferences, leadership training, strategic planning sessions, books, DVD’s and other special events and to train pastors and church leaders how to disciple people into mature Christians that value and live scriptural holiness. Dr. Avery is also equipped to lead in strategic planning.

Cell: 513 218 8502

G. Clair Sams:

“Let’s Pray” is a ministry that rose from a desire to call the church to prayer, and to open avenues of interaction between churches and conferences. The prayer ministry in conjunction with camp-meetings, conventions and ministry to local churches rises from, Clair’s desire to strengthen the church and lead Believers to a deeper commitment to Christlikeness. Available on request is also material material designed for churches that helps with administration, understanding of and interaction between a church administrative board, Pastor and leadership.

Phone: 513 267 6717
Facebook: Clair Sams
Twitter: @g_sams


Durr Books

BenDurrBooks features a collection of used and out of print Holiness books, biographies, sermon books and preachers’ helps. We also assist churches with hymnal and quality Bible and book purchases. We are a licensed bookseller located in Franklin, Ohio. Please contact BenDurrBooks for your book needs or schedule a time to come by and browse.

Phone: 513 520 4110

William Snider
William Snider – Bookseller. William has dealt in buying and selling libraries for several years. He is a capable and very knowledgeable dealer in printed material, particularly material and history connected to early Methodism.

You may contact him:
216 8th St North
Pell City, AL 35125
Phone: 772-341-3143
e-mail: wsnider2@aol,com

Paul Bundy

Paul Bundy loves books and always has an author to suggest for good reading. He also has available, for sale, a large number of books. His stock includes Christian novels, Christian theology and pastoral material. Paul also manages a large and well-stocked bookstore at Beulah Grove – Heartland Bible Methodist Camp, Mendon, Ohio.

Phone: 717 881-5466


Richard Miles:

Richard Miles is the Vice President for Student Affairs and Campus Administrator at God’s Bible School & College.  He is an ordained Bible Methodist Minister and was pastor for twelve years.  He is currently in his fortieth year in Christian education including fifteen as principal of the Bible Methodist Christian School in Alabama and twenty at God’s Bible School and College.  While principal at Bible Methodist Christian School, the school became a leader in academic competitions in the state and competed regularly in national competitions.  During that time he served as secretary for the Board of Directors for the Alabama Christian Education Association (ACEA).  He has also served administratively on various conference and connectional administrative boards and committees in the Bible Methodist Connection of Churches.  He served as mediator in church conflicts and has helped churches and para-church organizations with strategic planning.

Richard earned a MA in Counseling from Liberty University.  He provides pastoral counseling for individuals, couples and families. He provides premarital and marital counseling and administers the PREPARE and ENRICH Inventories for couples. Believing that relationships “make or break us,” his preaching, teaching and conference presentations emphasize relationship principles with God and others as found in scripture and supported by science.  He conducts seminars on healthy relationships, marriage, parenting and conflict resolution. He has taught courses in counseling, psychology, Christian education and church administration.

Contact information:

Office 513 721 7944 ext 7114
Cell    513 254 6732

Rebecca Miller

Counseling Alliance, LLC was founded in 2010 by Tim Barber LPCC-S, NCC, CSAT-S and Rebecca Miller LPCC-S, CSAT, DARTT. We began with a faith-based mission to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all to seek help with life’s troubling issues.

Counseling Alliance has been blessed with growth as clinicians who share our core values have joined our practice. Our clinicians have advanced training and hold certifications in specialized areas including relationship problems, marriage and family issues, pornography and sexual addiction, and issues related to trauma and abuse. We also provide treatment for other issues including anxiety and depression, OCD, and grief and loss.

In addition to traditional individual, couples and group approaches to therapy, Counseling Alliance now offers JUMPSTART TO HEALING. TM These programs are designed to produce significant changes quickly and vary in length from 4 hours up to 2 days. Programs include:

JUMPSTART TO HEALING TM for Sex and Porn Addiction Recovery
JUMPSTART TO HEALING TM for Developmental & Relational Trauma
JUMPSTART TO HEALING TM for Alcohol and Substance Abuse
JUMPSTART TO HEALING TM for Anger Management


Counseling Alliance
1251 Kemper Meadow Dr. Suite 100
Cincinnati, OH 45240

Our Administrative Specialist’s hours are Monday-Thursday from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Feel free to leave a confidential message at any time. Your message will be promptly addressed.

John and Cathy Parker:

Thirty-eight years of pastoral ministry have allowed John and Cathy Parker to feel drawn to a ministry to married couples and struggling people.  Cathy grew up without a father, after her father was killed in an accident when she was an infant.  She also lacked good role models of healthy marriages from which to learn.  As a young pastor’s wife, Cathy had a great desire to learn and grow as a wife and mother.

With her nursing background, she read books, studied, journaled, and listened to Christian radio programs to expand her understanding and better equip her for the challenges of life.  Out of this came opportunities to face the realities of personal relationship issues.  As a result of these crisis experiences in their own lives and marriage, the Parkers learned lessons they have shared with struggling couples and individuals. They have helped marriages be saved and struggling people survive and grow.

Because she trained as a RN, Cathy has the nurturing and healing instincts of a nurse. Journaling her own personal struggles, and then documenting the resources that have been most helpful, inspired her to write and eventually to speak to women’s groups. Out of the responses she has gotten in those speaking opportunities has come a As a result of feed back from these occasions, Cathy shares the material on a blog.
John and Cathy have spoken for Marriage Retreats and Conferences, and have done extensive marriage and premarital counseling.  Though they are not Counselors, their background in pastoral ministry and study has opened doors to help many who are struggling. They often refer those who need extra help to professional Christian counselors.


Butch Heath

Pastor Butch Heath is founder and director of Crisis Family Care, Inc. He has been in this counseling ministry full-time for almost 12 years. He is an elder with the Alabama Conference of the Bible Methodist Connection of Churches.

He has been married to his wife, Arleen, for over forty-four years. They have four children and ten grandchildren. His education includes a B.A. in Biblical Education from Hobe Sound Bible College and a M.A. in Pastoral Studies from Bob Jones University. He served as Minister of Family Life at Hobe Sound Bible Church for almost thirteen years.

Crisis Family Care is a counseling ministry dedicated to the Family. CFC is incorporated in the state of Florida and is recognized by the IRS as a nonprofit organization.
Crisis Family Care exists to impact the relational health and godliness of the family unit and is endeavoring to do that through counseling and teaching Biblical Family Principles.

Through the ministry of Crisis Family Care, Butch provides premarital and post marital counseling. He works to help marriages start right and then provides counseling and marriage seminars to strengthen marriages for life. God has given him a passion to help families.

There are five different marriage seminars available online with the teaching notes and handouts. These are available for pastors, teachers, or individuals to help strengthen marriages and families.
He has held marriage seminars and conferences throughout the US and other countries including Russia, Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Haiti, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Ukraine, and Cuba.

Teaching sources are available on our website:


Monte Stetler Jr.

Accounting records and financial reporting is one of the main pillars of any church. At times, this process can become complex and even confusing. An annual review of procedures in accounting, reconciling receipts and disbursements with bank deposits, and reviewing the church budget is a good starting point. There are a number of cloud based accounting softwares that are available at a reasonable price. To programs to consider: and Over the years I’ve helped a number of organizations with creating accounting policy, maintaining the accounting, expanding the financial reporting and with strategic planning.

Monte Stetler
1447 Melinda Lane
Erlanger, KY 41018
Phone: 859 468-2431

Harold Fourman:

Harold would be happy to be available to discuss bookkeeping, budgeting and financial record keeping.  He has developed an Excel Workbook and Spreadsheets that can be used by Church Treasurers that he would share with anyone wanting something to use in their church financial accounting.  It is a very easy program to use and builds reports automatically as information is entered into the ledger.

phone: 937-901-6890


Jenny Crotts:

My heart is in Christian Education and specifically where God had called me to be, Bible Methodist Christian School. Your church, district or Conference should support Christian Education, whether it is an actual institution, home schooling, or Christian families in the public school system. Recently I read a book that every pastor, Christian educator and Administrator should read: Kingdom Education: God’s Plan for Educating Future Generations by Glen Schultz. This book totally  convicted and transformed my philosophy on Christian Education to the point that it is propped up on my desk, where I can see it daily. I pray every time I see it that God will help me to be a Kingdom Educator. This book is an absolute must! Kingdom Education involves the Conference, Churches, Schools and Families working together. It isn’t a separate entity and shouldn’t stand alone. We really must have a true Biblical Worldview if we are going to have Christian children and young people ready to take our places in the future.

Phone 205 344 1926
Also, have administrators contact their state Education Executive Director. In Alabama it is Mr. Robin Mears,  or the American Association of Christian Schools at

Marianne Brown:

If you’re thinking about homeschooling, the first step is to sit down and write out why you’re homeschooling and what you hope to accomplish. This framework will be the basis from which you will make all of your decisions. It will also anchor you to your purpose when you face the storms that will come as you educate your child/children at home.

To set your plan in motion, first, find out what your state laws are concerning homeschooling. Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states, but each state has different requirements for notification and filing, and what subject areas need to be covered. Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is the best place to find these requirements. Second, connect with veteran homeschool moms who have been there, tried that and can pass on their “do’s and don’ts” for your consideration. Every family and child is different so no two homeschool situations are going to be the same but there are some common paths to success and some common ways to avoid frustration. Find  homeschooling co-ops in your area or look for Facebook Homeschooling groups that will help you connect with and find these types of families.

Third, choose curriculum that fits both your philosophy of education and state guidelines. There are so many to choose from that it can be overwhelming. Most major curriculum publishers will have their materials available for preview at homeschool conventions such as the Great Homeschool Conventions and Teach Them Diligently. Also check your state associations, and watch for smaller curriculum displays where they typically offer their best specials. These start in early spring and run through mid-summer. Take advantage of these displays to look at materials, ask questions, and see what may work for you.

Finally, put in place organizational systems and schedules that will allow you to both teach your children and run your household. There are many good planners and homeschooling blogs (e.g., to help you.

Marianne Brown (HomeWorks Consultant)

Shepherds Global Class Room

Tim Keep:

SGC’s vision to train Christian leaders around the world is underlined by statistics I came across recently:  “There is only one trained church leader for every 450,000 people outside the USA, 50,000 new churches open their doors every year, and that if every training institution in the world operated at 120% capacity, less than 10% of the unequipped leaders would be trained.”  I have no doubt that the Lord has raised us up to help meet this desperate need in His body. What an amazing opportunity we have before us.

SGC courses are now being used in Ukraine, Hungary, Albania, Liberia, Ghana, Honduras, Costa Rica, Mexico, the Philippines, Haiti, the USA and Canada.  Door seem to be opening in Spain, Russia and in Papua New Guinea. Testimonies are starting to come in from men and women who have been impacted by the curriculum.

By the first of March, SGC hopes to have digital courses ready for instant downloading, and at the very low cost of $4.99 each in English! Other languages will cost only $1 or $2.  With each download permission will be granted to download a purchased course to 3 devices!

Please go to the SGC webpage——and check out our latest courses
Biblical Evangelism and Discipleship
Christian Beliefs
Doctrine and Practice of the Church
Exploring the New Testament
Exploring the Old Testament
Introduction to Apologetics
Introduction to Christian Worship
Life and Ministry of Jesus
Ministry Leadership
Principles of Biblical Interpretation
Principles of Communication
Survey of Church History I
Survey of Church History II
World Religions and Cults
Doctrine and Life of Holiness, by Randall McElwain,
The Life and Ministry of Jesus, by Randall McElwain
Eschatology, by Steve Gibson.
Spiritual Formation should be ready for purchase by the first of April.

To access:


Mark Cravens:

Mark Cravens ministers as a member of the Ministerial Division at God’s Bible School and College.  Recently, he completed 2 units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) and has worked as a hospice chaplain for Crossroads Hospice in Cincinnati, OH. He is also completing an MA in Pastoral Care and Counseling and plans to complete two additional units of CPE training in the near future.

Some resources Mark suggests you use:
Chaplaincy: A Ministry of Presence by Matt Sanders
Professional Spiritual & Pastoral Care: A Practical Clergy and Chaplain’s Handbook by Rabbi Stephen B. Roberts and Rev. Nancy K. Anderson
Hearing Beyond the Words: How to Become a Listening Pastor by Emma J. Justes
The Lost Art of Listening: How Learning to Listen Can Improve Relationships by Michael P. Nichols

HealthCare Chaplaincy Network –
Association of Professional Chaplaincy –
Association for Clinical Education –
To contact Mark:
Phone: (513) 446-9230